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Our Products


Ja Global Group Software:

Our Software is a powerful tool that contain a complete digital catalog of our products, allows you to manage your  own

business,   as  is  equipped  with   a complex   control  module  of  customers and suppliers,   annual  statesmen  and

monthly  administration  of your expenses  and profits. 


Automatically  generates  and  stores a record of invoices and orders, for  take an exhaustive control of the buying and

selling of our products.   Click Here for Download. 

(Download User Manual). 


Pistons Ring Catalog: 

We  have  this  extensive catalog of rings,  where you  can find or shape  the  piston ring  set  you   need considering

manufacturing  specifications  as:   diameter,   thickness of the rings,  material type and others. 

All part numbers reflected in this catalog are managed and distributed by our company.  If we do not have in store an

specific set because of its rarity,  it  can be  developed respecting  minimum amounts allowed for a  fabrication order.

Click Here for Download.



Remote Assistance via Teamviewer: 

If you have serious problems setting up any of our softwareS, or need support to carry   out  management thereof, our

department of Information and communication technology will not hesitate to assist you.. 


TeamViewer is a tool for remote desktop connection, download this in the link shown below, then proceed to install on

your pc, contact us and our consultants online will connect to your computer and will solve the problems for you.

(Download TeamViewer)


Sale Point  v1.0

(Download Sale Point v1.0)

(Download Update Sale Point v1.0)


Winrar Program

(Download Winrar)